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My Growth Journey

2018 was a remarkable year for me; an epic year I must say. In that year, I found my Growth environment. I connected with my Catalyst and Mentor at the time. I built purposeful relationships with other growth-minded people. I became accountable and more intentional about life. My journey on the Growth curve had just begun.

It started out with an itch, a restlessness, a discomfort, a dissatisfaction with routine/comfort zone; a yearning for more. I knew there was more to life, more to me. However, I was unclear about the way forward.

The moment you start to ask the right questions, the right answers will come. The growth journey begins from self-awareness. Who am I? Where am I currently in all aspects of life? Where am I going? How do I move from where I am to where I want to be? What do I need to achieve this? In quiet solitude and deep reflection lie clarity.

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