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Leading Creatively

Great leaders attract top talent and build the high-performance culture they need to achieve results. Creative leadership is the ability to create and realize innovative solutions especially in the face of structurally complex or changing situations. It refers to those individuals who, when all is shaking and new directions are unknown, can still create clarity of purpose for their teams, they see beyond the now; they see solutions and not problems. 

These are leaders who constantly learn through happenings around them. They seek to navigate – and even benefit from – the unpredictability around them. Not just for the organization or themselves, but usually also for the society.

Leadership is a kind of power where one person has the ability to influence or change the values, beliefs, behavior and attitudes of another person


You must constantly work on developing your self-worth.

The challenge is that most business leaders are trained in linear thinking, in devising strategies that will grow their business through increasing efficiency or acquiring new companies. They are not really trained to come up with radical ideas that reshape their industries, ideas that might cannibalize and overhaul their own product portfolio and build completely new businesses. In other words, these companies need a change of thinking, creative leadership that can make an organization act like the startups that would otherwise overtake them and nurture this startup type culture even in a large company structure.

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