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The Life Skill Called Reading

The Life Skill Called Reading 

If you read my previous Article, I wrote about finding my growth environment. In my epic year (guess the year? 😊), I went to Business School. The school had a reading culture. Here I was, alongside other women, with the mindset that reading was most applicable when preparing for exams. Reading as a lifestyle is good, we knew this. However, there is a difference between knowing and choosing to DO. And to DO consistently.

Level of hunger differentiates people. With a made-up mind, you can achieve absolutely anything. In six months, I had read 20 personal development books. In consistency they say, lies the power. A herculean task became a life-long hobby.

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5 Benefits of Reading 

  1. You get mentored through books – Is there someone you admire and would love to be mentored by? But the possibility of physically connecting with the person seems far-fetched. All hope is not lost if the person is an Author. Books are like a short-cut. The Author probably poured out years of experience and knowledge gained into the book. You can harness wealth of wisdom and get mentored through books.
  2. You can travel the world through books – In the comfort of your home or office, you could learn about other places, culture and people from books.
  3. More insight and exposure – As you glean on knowledge, you become more knowledgeable. You are perceived as super smart, and that is who you are.
  4. Builds your confidence – Knowledge they say is power. With the right information, you walk in clarity. You are more confident and able to hold conversations.
  5. Builds your vocabulary – With reading, you interact with new words, phrases, idioms of expression and writing styles.

The Life Called Reading.


“You have everything to gain and nothing to lose from reading the right books”.

Sign up for our Masterclass on “Read your way to Greatness”….building reading skills.

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