Who We Are

We Transform Human Capital

Universal Human Resource Consult is a HR Consulting firm duly registered to carry on the business of Human Capital Development to enhance employee performance and productivity, hence enabling government and private organisations achieve their strategic goals.

What We Do


Through our partnership, we will create targeted, learning
opportunities which encourage capability development of individuals,
leaders, and teams within your organisations.

As a leading Human Resource Consulting firm in Nigeria, we go the
whole 9 yards to give you a transformative experience,
from first contact to the delivery of our service.


Our Objectives



Identify Training and development needs to close existing competency gaps


Create competitive advantage through innovation


Drive effective Recruitment and Selection


Improve service delivery through Standard Operating Procedures
Our Services

The strength of our firm is leveraged on the diversity of our expertise.

Training and Development

Induction/Onboarding, Retreats, Tailor-made Trainings.

HR Advisory and Business Consulting

Employee & Process Audit, SOPs, Documentation, Company Structure, Policy & Handbook, Performance Management Systems.

Recruitment and Selection

Advert placement, CV Screening, Interviews, Background Check.

Training Hall Hire

30-60 capacity

Meet The Team


Nkem A. Okpuno


Augusta Nkem Okpuno is a HR expert with a passion for people development and organisational growth.

With over two decades of experience as a Human Resource Management Consultant, she has displayed outstanding skills as the Managing Director of Universal Stores Ltd and U & A Shalom Enterprise, prior to the birth of Universal Human Resource Consult. Over the years she has gained mastery in the areas of Recruitment and Selection, Organisational Design and Structure, Onboarding and Work Psychology.

She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Human Capital Development of Nigeria and trainer, certified by the Center for Management Development of Nigeria (CMD). A licensed HR Consultant and a UK trained Human Resource Management Consultant, with an MSc in Human Resource Management and Training from the University of Leicester, UK and BA (Hons) in Human Resource Management from the London Metropolitan University, UK.

She holds a Diploma in Information Systems Management from APTEC, Abuja and was trained as a confidential secretary at the United Christian Secretarial Studies, Lagos.

She has attended several seminars both locally and internationally. She is an experienced Relationship Counsellor and published Author of three books; “The Mystery of God’s Plan”, “Awesome Grace” and “Living a Life of Purpose”. She is also the Founder of The Practical Woman Initiative; a woman-centric initiative with the primary objective of supporting and empowering women from various walks of life.

Loretta N. Laoye, SPHRi

Managing Director

Loretta Laoye is a Human Resource Management Consultant with nearly a decade of experience in the HR profession, which involves the recruitment and selection, training and development, as well as management of human capital to achieve organisational strategic goals. Her experience in both the public sector (Central Bank of Nigeria) and the private sector (Universal Human Resource Consult) have equipped her with diverse set of skills required to adapt to rapid changes in the Human Capital Development sector. She has an MSc in Human Resource Management and Training from the University of Leicester, UK and a bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Science.

She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Human Capital Development of Nigeria, a global Senior Professional in Human Resources International (SPHRi), certified by the HR Certification Institute (HRCI) and a trainer, certified by the Centre for Management Development of Nigeria (CMD). Her core competencies are in Human Resource Development, Strategic Human Resource Planning, Strategic Human Resources Leadership, Talent Management, Performance Management and Business Strategy.

She is also the Founder of Geranuel PCOS Foundation, a non-profit organisation set up to raise awareness for polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) through structured training programs and lectures delivered by medical professionals to women living with the condition. She has partnered with hospitals and diagnostic centers in Nigeria (Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt) to enlighten and provide free medical services to PCOS patients. 

Her passion for Human Capital Development and how it translates to service delivery spans across various career paths. This has propelled her to lend her voice and share her HR expertise as a keynote speaker at conferences and diverse platforms. 

She is an avid reader who is thorough in research and firmly believes in continuous improvement of processes and people.

Bunmi Akinwande

General Manager

Tony Uzo Anthony

Business Development Specialist

Uzoma Etameta
HR Manager
Olanike Adeyemo

Personal Assistant to the M.D.

Honoured to serve 100+ organisations in the Government and Private Sector